The Bootcamp runs from August 1-31, 2020.


Here is the soul truth…


And inside the doors of the Intuitive Business Bootcamp,
you are going to receive that each and every day! 

This is where

Intuitive Insight and Intentional Sales & Marketing Action

come together to get you more clients and income…

For 31 days with me as your coach you will receive:

  • Daily divine downloads plus intuitive and psychic insight on the energy of you and your business
  • Clear & Intentional actions for you to take for marketing and sales
  • Inspirational and motivational prompts to get you into empowered and aligned action
  • Psychic business coaching and channelings to awaken your entrepreneurial spirit and success

Everyday is new, unique and divinely designed
to get you taking action and receiving the results you most desire in your business (and bank account)!

But come a little closer soul sister...

I’m just scratching the surface…

Here’s what I see...

Your inspired ideas need an aligned action plan,

Your belief in your business needs a boost,

And your energy needs to be reignited

to make the last half of this year, the best part of your year!

And that is what you will receive inside

The Intuitive Business Bootcamp


August 1-31, 2020

Here's a snapshot at what is waiting for you each day inside program...

  • Daily Intuitive Insight on WHAT and HOW to take intentional marketing/sales action on
  • Wealth consciousness mentoring to help you breakthrough income barriers
  • Mindset support to maximize your manifesting powers
  • Creative marketing campaign ideas to get you noticed 
  • Alignment laced with accountability, motivation and inspiration to crush your goals
  • Channeled Programs & Passive Income Products designed to be profitable & unique to you


Join me for 5 Facebook Live Q & A psychic business coaching sessions where I will tap into the energy surrounding you and your business and channel creative and intuitive ways for you to attract ideal soulmate clients, make more sales, create content that is captivating and so much more!

"After one session with Amber I got really rooted in the way I was being versus the way I wanted to be on my webinar. It is my key marketing funnel yet I was so wrapped up in trying to get it right that I forgot to just be with my audience.  Amber coached me on adjusting the payment structure, the ask and gave me great marketing tips for my next launch!"

Monique Bryan

  With almost 20 years of sales training, business development and entrepreneurial experience you are going to receive the knowledge you need to get the
sales and success you desire.

I am going to motivate you; drive you and inspire you with heart and soul and,
of course, my psychic insight and foresight.

  Because here’s what I know, 

That big dream and vision you have,

it needs a HOW!

The Bootcamp runs from August 1-31, 2020.

The Intuitive Business Bootcamp is for spiritual women in business who want to:

Find clarity on their ideal business and marketing model.

Fall back in love with their business, 

Feel reignited about the direction they are headed 

Rebuild their confidence and focus.

Take action-even though she might doubt which action to take

Here's a rundown of what you get in the Intuitive Business Bootcamp...

31 days of psychic business coaching, intentional marketing prompts & intuitive insight exercises (value $1500)

5 Facebook Live Psychic Coaching Sessions (value $1000)

Private Facebook Community (value $500)

Archived recordings and content from the program with lifetime access ($500)


Total Value...Over $2500! 

Your Investment?

Just $333

The Bootcamp runs from August 1-31, 2020.


I get it. There are a lot of choices in coaches, programs, courses and out there,
so why The Intuitive Business Bootcamp?

Because your business, IS my business.

My purpose is to help soul driven women in business succeed.

With almost 2 decades of business expertise and intuitive channeled business wisdom on my side, you want me in your marketing corner. With over a million dollars in online coaching sales, 3000+ clients, plus my psychic business gifts, I understand what women want and need in business. 

"Amber is a miracle worker! Working with her created a rapid breakthrough in my business. I was burned out and my marketing energy was totally blocked. She tapped into my spirit and my true desire to serve women, and reconnected me to my deeper purpose. She used that energy field to craft a wildly effective marketing campaign for me…and my sales game absolutely exploded. After she unblocked me and tapped in my soul’s energy, I had my first $65K month in business. The crazy part? I achieved this by working LESS and simply allowing business to flow to me. As entrepreneurs, we get so hung up on the tactical, and she reminded me to trust myself and my intuition to create a business that’s totally aligned to who I am."

Lauren Widrick

“Amber is a creative genius! She has a way of looking into your heart and soul and pulling out creative ideas that you have been holding onto, but not knowing how to share with the world.

She has helped me get unstuck and inspired to create new content and offers numerous times over the past few years. If you’re looking to create a stand out business and brand with unique content and strategies that will pull your ideal clients in like a magnet, there is no one better than Amber!”

Jenn Scalia

"I seek out Ambers advice and insight when it comes to all my marketing. The bonus is that when I listen (which I always do) then take that aligned advised action it WORKS... so well you wouldn't even believe the numbers if i told you."

Laura Wright


Q. I already have a coach and I am part of a mastermind. Is this right for me?

Absolutely. That means you are committed to make it happen. In the Intuitive Business Bootcamp, we are going to amplify what you are already doing and align what isn’t working. The approaches, strategies and prompts inside are complementary to any existing programs you are working on.

Q. I'm thinking about hiring a coach, I'm just not sure what my best next move is. Is this right for me?

Yup. Here’s why. If you are not feeling fully committed to hiring a coach, but know you need to be doing something different in your business, you were brought here for a reason. This is to kickstart you and get you taking empowered action in your business that gets you results!

Q. I'm not intuitive, but I am kind of spiritually curious, is this for me.

Girl...By the time I am done with you in this bootcamp, you will be connected to your intuition on a deeper level and be fully sparked up about the direction you are taking your business! I truly believe there is a spiritual spectrum for us all. Where you land is totally up to you, and there is no wrong way!  I can help to be your guide and help to activate the many gifts inside of you that can turn up the success factor in your business.

Q. How do I know that your marketing methods will work for me and my business?

The fact that you’re reading this pretty much proves that I KNOW marketing. Because here's the truth, I intentionally attract kick ass, high vibe, determined to make it happen women like you. Women who want to make a difference with their message, and are committed to “hit it” in their business.

Q. How will the content be delivered?

Q. How do I receive the support?

Each day inside the private Facebook group there will be an intentional and empowered action for you to take in your business. These daily prompts will be intuitive, aligned and unique each day!

I am never going to ask you to take action on anything that is out of alignment, but I will definitely positively push you into motion! In addition to the marketing prompt, I am going to be giving you intuitive insight on a deeper level about what work we can do emotionally and mentally to serve and sell at our highest level.

You will also receive a daily email with the same prompts if Facebook is not your jam, however the live q & a psychic coaching sessions ARE via Facebook live and you will want to mark your calendar for those days!

Q. How long will I have access to the content?

Basically forever. A content vault will be set up where you will be able to access the prompts over and over again. These daily prompts can keep you in forward motion for many moons to come! You will also have access to the recorded live sessions.

Intuitive Insight and Intentional marketing together

will set your business and soul on fire for the rest of 2020!

The Bootcamp runs from August 1-31, 2020.

Im Amber Annette, The Business Psychic Medium- I take a non-traditional and spiritual approach to creative consultancy and coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs!

Combining my 15 years of grounded and foundational business knowledge with my beautiful gift of being a psychic medium, I give businesses creative and unique ways to reach their desired level of success!

Inspired by my background in marketing, sales and business development, along with my own daily creative rituals, #pendrop is all about helping you connect to your zone of content genius and unleash your ability to receive the divine downloads that are always within you!